Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Hi Friends, here is what I have for you to see tonight. Let me know what you like!
 Tomorrow some new colors are coming. Cinnamon, Lilac, come back to see! 
Again, most of these are one of a kind, so don't delay, email me for pick up arrangements.
Dainty Eden Green Medium Platter

Tall Green Apple Platter

Deep Red Rectangular Platter/Bowl with Rosette Base

Deep Red Shorty Platter with Rosettes around base. ( this picture doesn't do this one 
justice. The little rosettes on the bottom are so cute! )

Silky White Tall Floral-y Feminine Platter 

Silky White Elegant Platter

Sleek Black "Mrs Potts" Large Bowl/Platter

Red and White Floral Bowl with Tea Cup Base

The Heart Stax that I posted a picture of last night are selling fast. 
Everyone who has purchased so far has said 
they are using them for
 Valentines Day gifts! 

Happy Shopping! 

Stax to the Max!
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  1. I would love to come see how big the rose bud platter I love the blue swirly bottom one...let me know if those are still available...maybe they will be there still when i pick up my heart bowls!!